Secret Operation 610

Recencies Secret Operation 610, Vliegbasis Soesterberg:

— Aaron Betsky - The Journal of the American Institute of Architects, 2013

"Mobile Sculpture Memorializes American Air Force Base Defensive structures reminiscent of mid-century war technology offer new landscape perspectives."



— Freunde von Freunden

“Experiments In Spatial Dynamics” “A monstrous arthropod made out of steel with two spindly legs stares vacuously out of its white glassy eyes. Every attempt to name this mechanical being fails, it merely appears as a collision of past and future—science fiction in flesh and blood.”



— Metropolis Magazine NYC - New Talent issue 2015

"For Secret Operation 610, the team built a gigantic robot in an abandoned hangar, its acute angles and sinister forms taking cues from Cold War–era military design.... In the end, the genius of RAAAF is in its strategic interventions that, though small, invite viewers to imagine a completely different way of living." 



— The Architectural Review, 2013

"RAAAF unveiled its Secret Operation 610. This proved to be another meditation on defence, its impact on the landscape and its possible futility against overwhelming odds. Again, it is hard to know quite what to make of this RAAAF project, and yet there is something strangely thrilling in the sight of the most unexpected think-tank studio you will ever have encountered emerging on caterpillar tracks − in the guise of some monstrous Cold War warrior, Captain Condor space vehicle, or giant mechanical crow − from an abandoned F-15 military jet interceptor hangar at Soesterberg airbase."



— Volkskrant

“Insect op rupsbanden” “Met hun kunstwerk stellen de makers leegstaand erfgoed ter discussie”



— NRC Handelsblad

"Als in een geheimzinnige filmscène, zo openden afgelopen vrijdag de deuren van een hangar op vliegbasis Soesterberg."

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