The Landscape of Affordances

What happens when visual art, experimental architecture and academic philosophy join forces?


RAAAF’s site-specific artworks are materialized visions and explorations of possible new worlds. These interventions invite reflection and question practices, conventions and habits that people take for granted.


While philosophers usually create worldviews by means of words, RAAAF’s artworks materialize a philosophical worldview. The works cut through seemingly indestructible

structures and conventions, and make abstract philosophy tangible.


In this book Ronald and Erik Rietveld zoom in on the materiality of RAAAF’s site-specific artworks, and on the process of making these total interventions. Total interventions cut through the past and present, exploring new meaning for the future.


Authors: Erik Rietveld & Ronald Rietveld

Concept: photography & images RAAAF

Team RAAAF: Ronald Rietveld, Erik Rietveld, David Habets, Daria Khozhai

Photographic support: Maurice Spees

Graphic Design: Ricky Rijkenberg

Lithography and printing: Drukkerij Robstolk, Amsterdam

Binding: AGIA, Amsterdam

Book photography: Justina NekrašaitÄ— 

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