Hidden Worlds

RAAAF’s fire installation “Hidden Worlds” at Unesco world heritage site Cappadocia. The whole valley is set on fire as part of Cappadox Contemporary Art.

Hidden Worlds reflects literally and figuratively the life worlds behind the
landscape of Cappadocia. After sunset it shifts the focus from the volcanic landscape to the oppressed ancient cultures that hided in the valleys. Behind the millions of man-made holes in the rocks underground cities are obscured from view.

On a timeline of thousands of years, the caves in the valley of Ortahisar just got abandoned very recently: only 40 years ago. Currently most people don’t notice that for centuries this valley was the center of life in Ortahisar. Reflected on the inner cave structures the silent movement of the flames makes one feel the human presence in these ancient hidden worlds. From a distance it deepens the experience of a forgotten city that is brought to life. 


Kunstwerk: Hidden Worlds
Locatie: Ortahisar, Turkije - Cappadox Contemporary Art 2018
Curator: Fulya Erdemci 
Project team: Ronald Rietveld, David Habets Erik Rietveld
Film by Maurice Spees


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