Breaking Habits

— Mondriaan fonds 

"Rietveld bij Mondriaan. De hal van het Mondriaan Fonds is de afgelopen weken getransformeerd van een reguliere ruimte met tafel en stoelen tot een filosofisch wereldbeeld."


— Archdaily

"RAAAF is Breaking Habits With a Vision of a Home Without Chairs." 


"Reflecting on our sedentary society, RAAAF imagined a possible future where all chairs and sofas will be replaced by more body-friendly pieces of furniture." 


— Designboom

"RAAAF's 'breaking habits' installation explores the future of domestic interiors"


— FastCompany

"Working together, Erik and Ronald have taken the idea of affordances and applied it to the prospect of a chair-less and table-less future." 




"Breaking Habits, a new installation by interdisciplinary Dutch studio RAAAF, explores how a chair-free environment could have positive health outcomes."


— On Dutch TV, Thursday January 26 : a preview of RAAAF’s new installation.

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