Water Moss Rocks

The appearance and urban development of Amsterdam have been shaped by the struggle against water and by the chances provided by the presence of water. Currently the city is preparing for a new challenge: rainwater.

The project Water Moss Rocks focuses on the opportunities of increasing rainfall. By using the qualities of the Mr. Visserplein, it makes the most of the possibilities for sustainable rainwater reuse in Amsterdam. After realization of this project each year 72 million liters of rainwater will flow from three nearby squares and six large roofs located within 300 meters of the Mr. Visserplein. This project's design combines a new rainwater-circulation system with the already existing underground network of spaces for clean rainwater storage. Moreover, it creates a new eye-catching tourist attraction for water city Amsterdam: the Hortus Moss Rock in a spectacular waterscape. 

For cyclists and pedestrians this design establishes a crucial connection between Amsterdam's city center, Hortus Botanicus and other neighborhoods such as the Plantagebuurt. Water Moss Rocks will become an interesting new public domain for the city. 


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Project: First round Prix de Rome Architecture 2006
Design: City Water Garden
Location: Mr. Visserplein Amsterdam
Status: Best entry in the first round
Thanks to: Erick de Lyon, Erik Rietveld and Anouk vogel, Edzo Bindels