Industrial Jurassic

The word Grensmaas (Border Meuse) consists of ‘’Border’’ and ‘’Meuse’’ - in other words: a river that forms the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. At the same time, the word Meuse-valley suggests that it is one area where the river runs through. RAAAF proposes new connections between the Netherlands and Belgium in which the river is not a border but will serve as a connecting element. The five Belgian Meuse villages, which form the entrance to the Meuse valley, are the starting point for new connections.

For the opening ceremony of the Meuse-valley in May 2013, five temporary bridges be­tween Belgium and the Netherlands are proposed. Ten military tank bridges will perform a ceremonial act in which the bridges are the outstretched hands of Belgium to the Neth­erlands and vice versa. These temporary connections are the kick off for permanent and location-specific connections. The Meuse-valley will become an international project that con­nects two countries instead of separating them.

RAAAF is appointed by Z33 as a pre-curator to find fascinating starting points and to develop a strategy for art in public space in the Flemish Meuse valley. Artists from Belgium and abroad will enable passers-by and visitors to get a different view of the world. After all, the landscape contains many stories that are not always immediately visible. All this is in line with the mission of Z33, a contemporary art center, to encourage visitors to see everyday things in a different perspective.





Client: Z33, House for contemporary art
Designteam: Ronald & Erik Rietveld,Arna Mackic
Location: Meuse valley
Status: vision 2013