Deltawerk //

A giant wave bassin served as a test site for the Dutch Deltaworks. This monument for the struggle against water has been transformed into the artwork and national monument Deltawerk //. The artwork questions the ambition to build an "indestructible Holland" in times of climate change and sealevel rising. Related to this, the artwork is also an experiment in making new ruins.

In a radical way this intervention sheds new light on the practice of preserving cultural heritage: Hardcore Heritage.


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>>> Hardcore Heritage 
>>> Indestructible Holland, A tribute to a culture of delta experiments (PDF)



·Client: Natuurmonumenten & Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency

Artwork: RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon

Team: Ronald & Erik Rietveld, Erick de Lyon, David Habets

Supported RAAAF- team: Joop Schroen, Cecile Diama-Samb, Arna Mackic, Daria Khozhai, Mariana Fernandez, Johnny Long

Craftsmenship: Dikkerboom concrete cuttings and Hompert Sandblasting

Ecological advice: Albert Aptroot

Structural engineer: Nico Plukkel

Photography: Jan Kempenaers (color), Jeroen Bosch (black & white)

Location: Waterloopbos, oorsterweg 36, 8316 PT Marknesse, Noordoostpolder

Status: Realisation phase 1: 2018  | Realisation phase 2: 2023

Research funding: NWO VIDI >>> & ERC (nr. 679190)  >>> 

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