Bunker 599

Quotes from reviews Bunker 599, New Dutch Waterline:


— Jury Architectural Review Award 2013 - Emerging Architecture (London, GB)

“Split Infinity, a bisected pillbox on the bank of a dyke opens a way through the sometimes impenetrable memories of war to a future of broader horizons."


“Despite the project’s small scale, it is very powerfull. It has a mix of delicateness, strength and impertinence, wich is rare to observe, and is cleverly inserted in the site linking landscape and water. It clearly stood out because of its simplicity, beauty and capacity to situate itself between art, landscape and architecture.” 


(Jury AR: Sir Peter Cook, Manuelle Gautrand, Eric Owen Moss, Catherine Slessor)



Jury Dutch Design Award, 2011

“Exploded view” “An educational intervention of removing and adding with a great sence of poetry” 



— Metropolis Magazine NYC, New Talent issue

“The union of design and philosophy results in strangely poetic, if haunting, projects. For Bunker 599, RAAAF, together with Atelier de Lyon, cut a concrete 19th-century pillbox in half, revealing its cramped interior spaces and metaphorically reopening a closed chapter of Dutch history.”



Trouw, De Verdieping (PDF)

“Net zo compromisloos experimenterenin de architectuur als Constant, wie volgt?”



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