Intensive Care

RAAAF was asked to make a statement about the urban development in Istanbul. In December 2012, when doing research for our contribution to the Istanbul Art Biennial, we could feel the tension rising in the city of Istanbul. RAAAF’s proposal for the installation “Intensive Care” was a response to this. It dates from March 29, 2013 (two months before the Gezi protests) and was invited by the curatorial team of the Biennial. Later that spring, reality on Taksim Square outran us and therefore we decided to adapt and make a small version of the light installation in Antrepo 3, the main exhibition space of the biennial. It expresses the core idea of the colossal light-installation that RAAAF wanted to make in a modernist landmark of the secular Turkey: Atatürk Cultural Center.

In the heart of the city, Atatürk Cultural Center reflects the precarious situation in Istanbul. Both the building itself and the freedom of speech – which manifests itself right at the front door, at Taksim Square – are continuously subject of debate. The light that comes from deep inside the building has a rhythm that is based on the breathing of a patient hospitalized at the Intensive Care. The status of the “patient” is unclear: seemingly roaming the twilight zone between life and death.


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Client: Istanbul Biennial, Fulya Erdemci

Lighting technician: Frank Hulsebosch

Status: exhibition 2013

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