Delta Works 2.0

Delta Works 2.0 adds an inspiring chapter to the Dutch struggle against the water. One of the greatest challenges for Dutch landscape architecture is to find solutions for the risk of future floods in the river delta.

The bypass secures an impressive emptiness of 3000 ha in contrast with the surrounding urban tapestry. Its containing embankment is a large-scale landscape park: 42 km long and with an average width of 200 m. This dike-park is the new attractive front for urban developments in the Arnhem – Nijmegen region and new programs will be oriented to it. 

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Design: Green River
Graduation project Academy of Architecture Amsterdam (with honors)
Location: Overbetuwe between Arnhem and Nijmegen
Status: Archiprix 2004 (third prize)
Exhibitions: NAI, Coda museum, ministry OCenW
Thanks to: Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze, Edzo Bindels, Joost van Hezewijk