Still Life

During the Cold War, millions of bullets were made for NATO soldiers worldwide in the former bullet factory The Hem. At the time, the factory was full of trays with brass bullet casings. The artwork Still Life questions the abandoned war factory and creates a link between the present, past and future of this historically burdened heritage. 


The source material of the bullet production has been melted and casted into four heavy brass plates. The large plates move in-between the columns in an unpredictable rhythm; together they open and close one’s perspective on the immense space. Their movement forces the visitor to relate to the work over and over again.The brass plates move slowly away but inevitably return. 



Artwork: Still Life, 2019

Material: Casted brass, steel beams, crane trolleys

Location: Museum Het HEM, Amsterdam

Project team: Ronald Rietveld, Erik Rietveld, David Habets

supported by: Cecilia Carena, Francesca Vittorini, Daria Khozhai

Technical realisation: Koos Schaart Adventures

Casted brass: Royal Eijbouts 

Client: Amerborgh International

Photography: Jan Kempenaers

Special thanks to: Kim Tuin




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