Hidden Worlds

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— Designboom | Art section

“titled ‘hidden worlds’, RAAAF’s installation literally and figuratively reflects the worlds beneath cappadocia’s volcanic landscape. despite being used for millennia, the caves in the valley of ortahisar were abandoned only 40 years ago. installed within these ancient voids, a series of flames transform the site by simulating a human presence. once the sun goes down, the focus shifts from the volcanic landscape to the oppressed ancient cultures that once hid in these valleys.” 


 Daily Sabbah

"Hidden Worlds – perhaps the most spectacular installation in the series – is also the most ephemeral. A two-part site-specific installation by the renowned Dutch studio, RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances), this 'fire installation' "reflects literally and figuratively the life worlds behind the landscape of Cappadocia."

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