Generating Dune Scapes

A potential urban dune landscape is hidden under the surface of IJmond at the moment. Generating Dune Scapes is an ambitious, yet realistic plan for the next 15 years. It makes the most of the opportunities offered by some gigantic natural forces, current urban developments and the Kennemerduinen in order to transform IJmond into a fascinating urban dune landscape. 


A hot spring will be located within the apocalyptic décor of the Hoogovens (steel industry) and the Kennemerduinen. The existing mineral-rich dune water will be heated by re-using the industrial heat. The hot spring with the steaming bunkers and panoramic views will be the heart of a unique winter bathing resort for health recreation in Western Europe. Superfluous sand from entrance of the harbor will be used to create new dune scapes. The complex of locks becomes a landscape of paradoxes: various protected bird species will get breeding areas in new dunes between passing supertankers and cruise ships. The new dune landscape asks for novel forms of urban planning and spectacular architectural design, such as the ever changing Sand Wall District.


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Client: Prix de Rome Architecture 2006
Design: Ronald Rietveld
Location: IJmuiden
Status: exhibited at Kunsthal Rotterdam, Arcam, NDSM, Lucky Dutch, Moskou, Sao Paulo Biennial
Award: Prix de Rome Architecture 2006 (first prize)


Special thanks to: Erick de Lyon, Erik Rietveld, Anouk Vogel and Edzo Bindels