november 20, 2013

In Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen RAAAF announced three nominees for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2013.

Links nominees:

>>> Weirded Out by Piet Parra 

>>> Fairphone by Bas van Abel

>>> PAL-V by PAL-V Europe NV en Spark design & innovation


Read our motivation here:

“Our nominees work on the basis of their own fascinations and a faith in achieving the impossible. They simply began realising their dreams, with the help of people from other disciplines. Imagination and an urge to experiment are important factors, essential for pushing boundaries. The work of Bas van Abel, Piet Parra and PAL-V/Spark is attractively designed, but form is not a final destination; it’s a beginning. Their work sparks new developments in society and the profession: transformational processes toward a more ethical telephone industry; virtuoso crossovers between design, street fashion and music; and the realisation of the dream of a flying car. Their work is nationally and internationally influential within the design discipline and well beyond it. 

In short, our nominees set examples thanks to their strong urge to experiment, which unlocks new worlds.”