august 16, 2012

From press release Netherlands Architecture institute:

''Re-set as a sequel to Vacant NL: Re-set is the sequel to the Dutch submission to the International Architecture Exhibition in 2010, titled Vacant NL, a presentation by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and Rietveld Landscape that shed light on the huge amount and enormous potential of disused buildings in the Netherlands. This presentation became a hot topic – in Venice, in the Netherlands, around the world – and one of the many things it spawned is the creation of an MA course on this very subject in the Netherlands.

With Re-set, Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse reveals a whole array of possibilities that an existing structure has to offer, taking the given situation as the starting point. With a mobile, tactile intervention, Petra Blaisse gives an impulse to a building that has stood vacant for 40 years – the Dutch Pavilion is in use for just three months of the year – an impulse that still awaits thousands of other Dutch government buildings.''

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