february 13, 2012

“Vacant NL, where architecture meets ideas” wins Rotterdam Design Prize 2011

From the press release of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen: 
Rietveld Landscape's installation Vacant NL has become "winner of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 with simple means and complex content. In this project the broad approach to the notion of design, which is manifested by all nominees, comes together. The project displays a social and cultural approach, integrates several disciplines, and links forms of design to cooperation with a variety of parties. Also, the manifesto offers a vision: it is successful as visualization, installation and political statement. It is expressly not a once only event. This nomination stays close to the foundations of design; it is a physical experience with a direct and clear impact.”

Previous winners were i.a. Roelof Mulder (1993), NL Architects (1999), Hella Jongerius (2003) and Joost Grootens (2009).

Designteam: Rietveld Landscape (curator), Ronald Rietveld, Erik Rietveld,  
Jurgen Bey, Joost Grootens, Saskia van Stein, Claus Wiersma, Barbara Visser
Opbouw tentoonstelling: Landstra & de Vries

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