march 25, 2010

New Amsterdam Park (N A P) | Trusted Subcultures is getting a lot of media attention at the moment. See for example The Pop-Up City and de Architect's item "Visionary". 

N A P | Trusted Subcultures is currently also part of the exhibition "Architecture of Consequence" in the Netherlands Architecture Insitute (and was recently in Sao Paulo and Moscow). Between May 9 and September 19, 2010 N A P will be exhibited in the Virserum Art Museum, after which it will go on tour in Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

- The Pop- Up City

- Architecture of Consequence, NAi
- N A P | Trusted Subcultures
- Architecture of Necessity, Sweden
- de Architect, april 2010 (in Dutch)
- Call for proposals, The Netherlands Architecture Fund (in Dutch)