november 16, 2009

Rietveld Landscape takes part in the Dutch NAI exhibition entry at the Lucky Dutch festival in Moscow, Russia. The title of this exhibition is "Architecture of consequence: Dutch designs on the future". It is curated by Ole Bouman and Saskia van Stein.

Architecture of Consequence articulates the need for a shift from spatial to social tasks. The notion that architecture should be an expression of its time or of the might of its commissioners pales into insignificance when compared to its value in resolving societal issues.

Participants: 2012Architecten, Atelier Kempe Thill, biq stadsontwerp, Must urbanism, OMA, Powerhouse Company, Rietveld Landscape, STEALTH.unlimited, ZUS, Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten.

Link: Lucky Dutch
Link: NAi book "Architecture of consequence"