december 18, 2008

Ronald Rietveld will be a member of the juries Archiprix 2009 and Europan 10

Archiprix 2009
Each year the institutions that teach design in the Netherlands select the best graduation projects of their students for submission to Archiprix. Diversity is typical of Archiprix. Unlike most competitions there is no common design task. Scale, issues, presentation - all of these differ per plan.
Up and coming talent is often presented for the first time by Archiprix. The high quality of the prize-winning projects leads us to expect that the talent of those taking part in Archiprix will signify an enrichment of the professional world.

Haiko Meijer (architecture)
Arjen Oosterman (theory)
Miranda Reitsma (urban planning)
Ronald Rietveld (landscape I public space)
Max Risselada (architecture)

Europan 10
In a collaboration of, on average, twenty European countries, Europan organises a competition once every two years in the field of architecture, urban design and landscape. Europan aims to make a contribution to the reflection on, and debate about, European towns and cities.

-Jürg Degen (CH), Hochbau- und Planungsamt Basel-Stadt
-Aglaée Degros (B), Artgineering
-Maurits de Hoog, gemeente Amsterdam, DRO
-Annette Marx, Marx Steketee architecten
-Ronald Rietveld, Rietveld Landscape
-Annemiek Rijckenberg, zelfstandig adviseur
-Max Risselada, emeritus hoogleraar TUD
-Janny Rodermond, Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur
-René Scherpenisse, Portaal
-Oliver Schulze (DK), Gehl architects
-Cees van der Veeken, Lola Landscape Architects
-Robert Winkel, Mei architecten