Deltawerk //
Dutch Hydrodynamics Laboratory
After Image
Sugar factory Groningen
The End of Sitting
Outstanding Landscape of Affordances
Secret Operation 610
Airbase Soesterberg
Bunker 599
New Dutch Waterline
Vacant NL
Venice Biennale 2010
Firemen Walk with Us
Sphinx Maastricht
Pretty Vacant
Centraal Museum Utrecht
Fort Werk aan 't Spoel
New Dutch Waterline
The Web
Radio Kootwijk
Breaking Habits
Exploring the World of Affordances
Giardini in Silence
Dutch Atlas of Vacancy
Venice Biennale 2010
Intensive Care
Istanbul Art Biennial
Generating Dune Scapes
Prix de Rome 2006
Industrial Jurassic
Z33 | Meuse Valley
Free Port Amsterdam
Amsterdam-Rotterdam Biennale
Trusted Subcultures

Fire at Sea
Den Helder
Water Moss Rocks
Prix de Rome 2006 [first round]
Free zone
Maasvlakte Port of Rotterdam
Beyond the Atlantic Burden
Interaction between the elements
Delta Works 2.0
Archiprix 2004
A15 Scenic Highway
Port of Rotterdam
Placebook Panorama
Venice Biennale
Plompe Toren
700 Bunkers
New Dutch Waterline