20 oktober 2015

RAAAF gekozen als 'New Talent' door 'Metropolis - New York City' 




“RAAAF operates at the intersection of architecture, art, and landscape, which has interested me for many years. I first came to know Ronald Rietveld’s work when he won the Dutch Prix de Rome, and have followed the practice he built up with his brother, the philosopher Erik Rietveld, ever since. Their  interventions have the power to evoke the nature of a place, whether the flat polders of the Netherlands or defensive bunkers and former U.S. Air Force bases, with simple abstract forms. Their conceptual installations have made space—in particular, empty and unused space—visible. They have been at the forefront in the development of an architecture of affordances, designing potentials and activators rather than mere enclosures.” —Aaron Betsky, dean of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture




Link: front cover Metropolis Magazine - New Talent issue October 2015

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