A15 Scenic Highway

The Port of Rotterdam wishes to improve its image. It has invited RAAAF to formulate a vision for the aesthetic quality and public image of the port. The port and its industrial landscape posses an exceptional beauty that is unique in the Netherlands. The challenge is to make this phenomenal landscape attractive to even more groups of users while preserving the adventurous character of the port.

The problem of a shortage of capacity and space in the A15 highway cluster is seized upon to facilitate a unique experience for the port’s many passers-by. The elevated scenic highway not only solves the long term capacity problem; above all, it is used to provide an optimal experience of World Port Europe. We have selected a number of locations for panoramic viewpoints. Conditions are created that allow visitors to find their own starting points for discovery and specific forms of use.





Client: Port of Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam
Status: vision 2007
Exhibition: NAI Port of the future