The Web

Radio Kootwijk used to be the symbol of vision and innovation. However, the last couple of years it became the symbol of vacancy and stagnation. “The Web” – Radio Kootwijk revitalizes the extraterrestrial innovation landscape of the1920s. The Web is a proposal for a giant helium installation, made with the most recent aviation technology (Faculty Aerospace Engineering - TU Delft). It will be floating at 200 meters above ground and will be linked to a network of cables and radio pylons. The Web can be seen from far away and it allows the visitor to experience the world-class innovation landscape that Radio Kootwijk was in the 1920s. In the context of The Web one may wonder if "the cathedral" built by architect Luthman is actually a dwarf instead of a giant. 

This utopian design for a new installation by RAAAF was our proposed contribution to Cascolab 2012.




Client: Cascolab 
Design team: Ronald & Erik Rietveld, Francois Lombarts, Arna Mackic
In collaboration with the Faculty Aerospace Engineering – TU Delft

Location: Radio Kootwijk

Status: Vision 2011