Plompe Toren

The design for the Plompe Toren comes from a larger strategy to better portray the potential international allure of the National Park Oosterschelde. The area has an enormous recreational, economic and cultural-historical potential that has yet to be utilized. For example, beneath the surface of the water lie more than 100 submerged villages scattered across Zeeland. These submerged villages are hidden from view and out of reach. The Plompe Toren is a landmark to this drowned history. The design of RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon shows the history of the lost village Koudekerke without making a monument to it.


The tower is currently located adjacent to the dike, it is proposed that the tower will be become a dominant structure in the landscape by cutting through the current dam. By doing so, it will become clear that it is a relic of a drowned village. The threat of the sea is emphasized instead of dampened. The traffic is directed around the tower in a semi-circle, as the church was once the center of Koudekerke. The other half of the circle is imaginary in the sea. At the water’s edge, there is a generous staircase that makes the location attractive for different user groups such as divers, bird watchers and tourists. The past gives thus a new contribution to the present.





Client: Projectbureau Zeeweringen
Design & Concept: RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon
Location: Oosterschelde, Kouderkerke
Status: Vision 2011