Free Port Amsterdam

Project "Free Port" takes the ambitions of Amsterdam to become one of the best creative cities in Europe seriously. This requires an experimental breeding ground - an underground. To that end the Amsterdam port authority makes cheap, temporary locations available for initiatives of young talents. Such locations might be disused cargo transit sheds and factory halls, offices, harbor basins, boats and terrains. 

To regular planning, the safety and environmental regulations in the port are an obstacle, but, paradoxically, for a creative free state these regulations create unique conditions. For example: in the port people can make as much noise as they like, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, at this sea port behind the Westerpark, there are no limitations to the height of buildings (as is the case in the rest of Amsterdam). 

A mysterious fleet of UFOs that float above the port functions as a movable generator for the Free Port. In short, the abundance of rules in this area can be turned to advantage. The port becomes a haven for experiments.




Client: City of Amsterdam
Design: RAAAF I Atelier de Lyon
Location: Port of Amsterdam
Status: Vision 2009
Exhibitions: International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam,

Amsterdam (Free State Amsterdam); Lucky Dutch, Moscow; Sao Paolo Biennial.