Free zone

The functional landscape of the Port of Rotterdam is unique in the Netherlands. It has a special aesthetics owing to the pure appearance of the unadorned technology. The port is an attractive area for a considerable group of people and for a variety of reasons. When it comes to recreative use, the motto often is: what is impossible elsewhere is possible in the port.

This phenomenal landscape deserves to be experienced. The challenge is to make it attractive to even more groups of users while preserving the adventurous character and pure appearance of the port.


Panorama 10.000 affords unexpected and unconventional forms of recreational use. By covering the existing dune with a colossal slab of asphalt, multiple spontaneous activities are accommodated; a “free zone” for cars will emerge. One is invited to act, instead of being a mere participant in a predetermined attraction – a subtle but crucial difference. The asphalt slab creates unique conditions that allow visitors to discover their own causes for exploring and find specific forms of use. All of this will happen to the background of passing super tankers.


As part of the old Maasvlakte the Panorama will get the final and unique harbor number 10.000 that will demarcate this special location at the end of highway A15. 





Client: Port of Rotterdam
Design: RAAAF I Atelier de Lyon
Locations: Maasmond, harbor number 10000 
Status: Vision 2013
Drawing: Kasper Jacobs